• 18.07.2016 - Summer '16 Update

    • Animated GIF support: now detects when an image is animated and allows you to make them playable when you share that image on Facebook. So come on, show the world your animated GIFs!

    • Password protected albums: Albums can be now password protected. This allows you to share them in a more confident way than ever before.

    • Updated translations: We've updated some translations and are now offering a total number of 29 bundled languages. Your language ist missing? Get in touch with us!

    • Multiple homepage cover images: No more static homepage cover! From now on we have several homepage cover images which are shown in an animated slideshow that looks gorgeous and feels awesome :)

    • Stay tuned for more updates and thanks for using!

  • 02.12.2015 - BIG Update

    • Added user follow system: Now you can follow users, which means that you can generate a curated list of people who upload relevant content and see that content right away.

    • Added image likes and "most liked" filter: Now you can like images. Liked images are now a main filter in the global listings and you can view what you liked anytime. Think of it as a favourite system.

    • Added notifications system: We are turning more social! Notifications are a must so we build a notifications system to keep an eye on whats going on with your followers, liked images, etc. The notifications system works in a hassle-free way so in the same moment you fetch your notifications you tell the system to don’t be bothered again unless you have new notifications. Basically, you won’t need to do an action or click a button to dismiss a notification.

    • Added Markdown embed codes: Besides HTML and BBCode, we now provide Markdown-Embed-Codes

    • Stay tuned for more updates coming soon and thanks for using!

  • 19.10.2015 - iOS-App "BuzzPics News" released in the iTunes App Store. Download iOS-App

  • 14.10.2015 - Android-App "BuzzPics News" released in the Google Play Store. Download Android-App
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